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    • From iPhone 8 Plus Camera Review: India:

      Portrait Lighting is a neat upgrade, and I was especially encouraged to see a variety of new features clearly designed to give creative pros the power and flexibility we need, a movement we’re seeing on iPhone and iPad Pro alike. If you’re ready for a new smartphone now, the 8 Plus is a solid upgrade and it is the best money can buy.

      As for the iPhone X, I feel a bit like the kid in the infamous Stanford Marshmallow Experiment from the 1960s where the researcher sets a marshmallow in front of a child and tells him he can eat one marshmallow immediately, or, if he can wait 15 minutes, he’ll be rewarded with TWO marshmallows.

      Lots of incredible photos in this review, and some great technical details I wasn't previously aware of, like the new Slow Sync flash feature.

      Can't wait for my iPhone X!

    • I haven't had a chance to look at the APIs and stuff, but I'm hoping Apple will make the depth maps available to developers, or even as a pure export. I had few friends that are in 3D and VFX that were really excited by the dual-lens Bokeh feature (which also uses a depth map) from the iPhone 7, but then turns out there was no way to get at that data. Had they been able to, they'd've been able to do some really cool tricks and composites. I have a 6s+ and haven't really felt the urge to upgrade (still bitter about that headphone jack, and still feel the Bluetooth UX is garbage) but if I can get at these features as a consumer or developer, I'd be sorely tempted.

    • Having access to depth maps would be really cool!

      I hadn't considered how useful it could be in VFX, but yeah, that sounds like a field that could really benefit.

      If Apple-like depth mapping techniques and hardware could be commoditized to the extent that it becomes feasible to just always capture depth maps along with digital video when shooting a film, that seems like something that could revolutionize VFX. Could make it a lot easier to do things like digitally removing Henry Cavill's mustache, for a start. 👨🏻

    • Portrait mode and portrait lighting is very cool, and I use it a lot. The other thing that gets me super excited is Live Photos, and the "long expsoure" mode. How about smooth waterfalls photos from the device in your pocket. Whaaaat?

      Imagine this technology with say, a m43 sensor inside an iPhone 12. SUATMM.