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    • I use Ghostery as a default (free version), I also help run a website that largely depends on ads to support the servers, tech developers and paid writers.

      Is it ethical that with their $2/month "Plus" offering Ghostery makes money while giving nothing back to the websites they prevent from doing the same?

    • Do you think a significant number of people will sign up for Ghostery's subscription? It doesn't look like the Plus version gives you any added ad blocking love:

      For exactly $2 a month, you get all of Ghostery's current features, plus advance access to new features, priority tech support, customizable interface colors and Ghostery Rewards, "a feature that delivers unique offers and discounts from leading brands hand-picked for Ghostery users."

      Not sure what any of that means. You pay $2 to block the same ads as the free version but bonus: you get new ones! Extra bonus: you get to give up your privacy by giving them payment info.

      Isn't this the company that published the emails of their customers?

    • I use the free version of Ghostery as well.

      One of my big annoyances is when a site where I am paying for access shows ads. Ghostery takes those away.

      I understand that some sites use the money from ads to suport the site but I don't understand why I should see ads when I am paying for access.

    • Yea the paid version doesn't seem very compelling.

      Perhaps it would be more interesting if Ghostery got into the business others have tried but they're probably best positioned to execute on which is taking some kind of monthly payment and distributing it to sites that opt-in and then it's prorated based on usage and they get their 20% (and the publishers promote this to their users).