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    • I've been posting under birds of the Australian Botanic Gardens now for a while but about time I post some of the other wildlife found in the gardens. This one was todays find in the gardens, An Echindna.

    • Lace Monitor, These love to climb trees looking for hollows with nesting birds, they feed on the contents of the nests be it eggs or young. You cna usually tell when there about as the birds band together to see them off, Cockatoos, Ravens, Magpie Larks, Noisy Miner, Willy Wagtails all work to gther to see these off. The noise of the birds is a good clue to look for these.

    • The birds ganging up on reptiles and mammals is interesting hey.

      Occasionally when I'm out with the dog around our neighbourhood walking path there is a gawd-awful racket in the tree tops.

      The local Sulphur Crested Cockys harass this Ringtail Possum relentlessly. You can see the damage on his tail - they really attack it and try and dislodge him from the trees - the noise is horrid. Never been able to get a clear shot of it happening - bush is too dense.

      Anyway - I'm on the lizzard's side :-)

    • It was out on its own when I first saw it then I saw it climb on board I was shocked it actually fitted in, then Mum bounded off with bub on board, it was a struggle for her, I doubt he got to many more free rides.