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    • Robert Baker

      I just came back from the Hamptons on my annual surf safari to hang out with a buddy. I always go the 3rd weekend of September for three reasons:

      1) The summer crowd head back to the City for the season. The full time locals made their nut and they are relaxed, the water is still warm and the colors are starting to change.

      2) It is my buddies wedding anniversary in which I was the only one that knew he was hooking up with his now wife of 14 years when they were working up in Alaska on an opera internship.

      3) Typically a good hurricane rages the week prior. Last year I missed huge lineups by one day. This year there were no hurrican leftovers.

      Anyway, I have a Meikon water housing I have used in MX with my Sony a6000 and it is intended for snorkling and scuba diving and it did a good job. But, then Meikon introduced their super affordable SeaFrogs housing with a pistol grip that was mostly intended to be waterproof but not for deep diving.

      I will be doing a full writeup of my trip this weekend but it worked out great. I was only about 100 yards offshore and shooting with a 19mm (I think the eventual 30+mm will be better). I forgot to bathe the front with baby shampoo so some of my hopefull good shots were blurred due to leftover water.

      If you are on a budget and shooting with the Sony a6*** series, I would highly recommend the housing. I don't doubt that if I shot surfing for a living this would probably crap out after daily use, but for an occasional application the price is right.

    • This is not my buddies fav depiction of his stance....but, that is why you need a day with 100 waves and 10,000 shots. hahahahah

    • This was literally the first wave this kid had ever surfed. His entire family are models in a variety of commercials. Super, super cool kid. So stoked to grab a shot of his very first wave....This is where the 19mm was perfect.

    • My buddy has done modeling, tv, movies and he was also the lead in a well known Broadway musical. Now he sells real estate. BUT, he is NEVER this intense. This would not be considered a good surfing shot but I know I will make a bunch of stupid memes to mess with him. hahahhaahahh

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