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    • Victoria the red flowers are Waratahs, native to Australia, these flower in late October to early November and are about 6 to eight inches in diameter, so impressive flowers when out. A sight to see when they are out in the wild, bright splashes of red amongst the green of the Australian bush. They are also packed with Nectar so a favourite for the honey eaters to stop off at. Have fun there.

    • Thanks Chris certainly was a fun year. Both one and three of your selects I’ve played with the backgrounds to add in the surreal look in post processing. The second one with the amazing colours was exactly what I was after as the brief was the colours of Australia so I was on a 24 hour hunt for amazing colours. Happy with how this one worked out. Have fun there.

    • I love your lighting award photo.  It’s a fun picture and I love the contrast between the bear and the glowing alien.  Congratulations on the award!