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    • Impressive! California seems to always outdo everywhere else when it comes to Halloween decorations. I'm out visiting family in the Bay Area and Menlo Park, San Carlos, & San Mateo have some of the craziest setups I've ever seen.

    • Right back at you... although it's been a pensive one for me :)

      What scares me?

      Each year for Halloween, I wear a mask. This year I decided to take it off. And unmasked I see what we’ve become. As a society. As people.
      We work ourselves to the bone … making someone else rich. Forgetting our passions. Forgetting our own dreams.
      You turn thirty, you are pressured into getting married. As soon as you are married, you are expected to have kids.
      School. University. Corporates. Put them in little boxes like you were taught to confine.
      And before we know it, we are pushing daisies.
      Each year for Halloween, I wear a mask. This year I decided to take it off.
      The real me is what truly scares me.

    • Wow, what a photo lucille! I need more emojis for it. 😍😱💀

      Those are pretty scary thoughts, especially because they are true for way too many people.

    • My whole neighborhood is crazy decorated! When it gets darker, I'll walk around with my camera for some show 'n scare.

      This is in the walkway of my neighbor's house for the little children to step around and decide if the candy is worth the risk:

    • Yes, a heaping tablespoon of Photoshop. One thing I miss living in Spain is the Bay Area's extravagance at Halloween.

    • One I took last Sunday at the Australian Botanic Gardens Halloween plant bank party. Two geled speedlites used for this shot for the lighting effects.

    You've been invited!