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    • This weekend I am hosting a workshop on Cake that I think will be of interest to a lot of people. I’ve been helping a few people here with writing more effective titles for their conversations. I’ve also made recommendations on the best topics to add for each conversation. And I’ve seen higher engagement in both responses and reactions to those conversations.

      I hate when a good conversation starter dies because it wasn’t optimized for high engagement. And I wanted to help anyone who was willing to share a draft post for feedback. Everyone who signs up here will be invited to a private panel. You can ask for specific advice just on the title, the topics, your opening paragraph, the right picture to include, formatting, what to write about, or all of the above.

      I can’t guarantee that your conversation will be featured or go viral, but I think you’ll learn something useful.

      If you’ve been lurking, waiting for the right time to create your first conversation, this is a great opportunity to do a test run.

      I’ll be inviting some amazing Cake writers to join our panel and share their thoughts if they have time.

      Want to sign up? Reply with a “Heck yes” and you’re in.

      Want to volunteer and share what you’ve found helpful in creating your conversations? Reply with the word “Volunteer”.

      Questions? Just hit reply and ask.


      Panel Details:

      Starts Saturday morning and ends by Sunday 5pm (New York City time, GMT-5). Join in when you can, leave when you want to.

      Once you join the panel, you’ll get notifications of all new posts to the thread. So you can post your draft on Saturday morning and then check back in on Saturday afternoon or evening.

      Only invited panelists can post. Posts are publicly viewable, but non-panelists can only “applaud” with emoji reactions.

      The panel will be locked from further posting on Sunday evening at five o’clock, so be sure to get your thoughts in before then.

    • Sorry, should’ve included this as well:

      You can absolutely ask for feedback on one of your old conversations that didn’t get the engagement it deserved.


      My qualifications to run this content creators workshop?

      There are several people here who are equally well-versed on this, so please don’t think I’m the only go-to person.

      I certainly don’t think I am. 😉

      But I have been on forums since the 1980s when Compuserv and BBSs were a thing. I’ve edited numerous screenplays, some of which were then submitted to movie studios. I’ve done one-on-one writing conferences as a corporate trainer, coach and private tutor. And I’ve had more than a few of my conversations here that were FEATURED.

      So my feedback might be helpful.

      Hope to see you in the workshop this weekend.

      See my post above for sign-up instructions.

    • Volunteer.

      I think it's only fitting that I join and help out, especially after I recently wrote a post on encouraging people to write. This will be a great way for me to continue down that road.

    • Volunteer.

      I'd like to share some thoughts on creating conversations around photographs that encourage others to jump in with questions, comments, or photos of their own.

      Oh, oops! I suppose I started down the wrong path by not replying to your first post, sorry.

    • Thanks for inviting me to this panel! I have not been very active on Cake this week, so I think this a good opportunity for me to jump back on the wagon!

    • Ordinarily, I wouldn’t even tune into this workshop because I don’t do much strategizing about my internet participation. Getting a lot of views isn’t really my thing (I’m a member of the wrong generation, I guess). But precisely because I have an alternate view, I’m happy to volunteer in response to your invitation, @apm.