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    • Same. I have been here a while now. I am still getting a grip on it, it's a different approach from every other board I've been on, regarding how discussions and topics get structured. I could be mistaken, but it reminds me of a story someone once shared, or perhaps it was just internet folklore, about how some architects determined the paths to lay walkways around a new building. Basically they let everyone walk all over the place, grass, whatever, and after a while patterns that formed as most used were chosen and paved as designated walkways.


    • I've been itching to discuss current affairs here, but I feel like I'm tiptoeing on virgin white carpet and I don't want to make a mess of the place. lol

    • I feel the same way...and have, since signing-up.

      I look-around this place, and can't imagine why I received an invite. I feel like the Redneck from Texas who got invited to the party in the Bay Area.


    • most or all of us in here where, or so far have been vetted one way or another. I for one expect a higher degree of civility. And that can create a apprehensiveness to mouthing off.

    • I’m a Brit, but as I understand it the Bay Area produced Facebook, and Texas produced Stevie Ray Vaughan, so I’m not sure what you are feeling inferior about? :)

    • Texas also produced me, and I helped build Cake! Does that make Cake some sort of weird Bay Area / Texas hybrid?


    • I wasn't really thinking the "inferior" thing, just more "square peg/round hole" kinda' thing.

    • Once upon a time I read this book about patterns of social interface design. One of the top patterns was to recognize people won't use your interface the way you think they will, so pave the cow trails.

      The idea is some universities see students making paths across the grass so they put up signs saying stay off the grass, which doesn't work well. The other universities pave the paths the students actually use.

    • I'm curious as to how many weekend head explosions will occur when those who thought advrider was going to be down all day Thursday and Friday find out they are now a day and a half behind all the threads they follow! I've no doubt that someone will complain that the site wasn't down long enough.

    • It was just a poor choice of word on my part. I do know what you mean about the square peg round hole thing, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say one reason ADVrider posters got invites might have been to make sure that Cake didn't become a exclusive field of round holes. It only takes a quick look at ADV to see that if we can't find a square hole, we'll make one (and then there will be a three month, 200 post argument about the size and colour the hole should have been and why a diffferent square hole is cheaper and works better!).

    • I think the issue with too many like-minded folks is that you wind-up with the High School'ish "Mean Girls" lunch table. CS&M is a perfect example. (What's wrong with those guys? It's like they all got pushed into lockers as teenagers, and finally found a safe space.)

      ADV is an amazing space. I've never seen anything like it...seriously. It's amazing what Chris imagined and created. So, in regard to registering here, the "plethora of common sense" part of me said, "Hey, if you receive an invite from Baldy, it's definitely worth a look."

      And...for better or I am.

    • Thank god the outage was short. During the last outage I got so desperate I was reading oil threads on the forums.

    • Thanks! In the beginning, it was just about the love of motorcycling. I didn't think it mattered what brand you had, only that you loved it and loved riding.

      But then the web became more about dividing off into bubbles. I was afraid that idea would put Adventure Rider out of business because I loved seeing a conversation between people who saw things differently. "Why did you choose a KTM? I looked at them but thought a Honda was more practical for me."

      That's why I was so fascinated with Richard Saul Wurman, the founder of TED, who let me call him yesterday. That's what he did at TED, bring together musicians, politicians, scientists, entertainers, conversation. That's why we expanded ADV to include conversations about shiny things like smartphones, polarizing things like politics, etc. That's what we hope to do at Cake and why you got invites: to bring together people who love motorcycles, photography, programming, etc.

      The key thing is the love of it, though. If you're here or at ADV because of hatred or disrespect, it's hard to have a conversation.

    • And there you have it: Conversations about your passions. Civil, open-minded conversations. The only way for one to learn and grow as a human being. I'm grateful for the platform of AdvRider and now Cake. Thank you Chris!