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    • There's a new post by Ben Evans (partner in a16z) about the problems with the development and adoption of AI across all of tech.

      He likens it to the situation when databases originally burst onto scene and everyone was worried about their impact on the world. The problems generally fall into three categories: bad data, bad people and bad regulation or lack thereof. Post is not meant to offer solutions, but to present a framework when thinking about these issues. It really helps clarify and bring into focus what the issues really are and what we should really be arguing about.

    • Thanks for the link, fascinating topic. I read it carefully.

      I don’t remember the rise of databases ever generating the level of controversy that face recognition is generating now. I think it’s the rise of surveillance that people worry about, with databases as one tool and face recognition as another.

      For example, if you’re a guy who wants what happens in Vegas to stay in Vegas, or a journalist who is investigating Saudi Arabia, or a celeb who wants to dine out, do you want to give the paparazzi or private investigators an easy way to see you just showed up at the cafe on 5th & main?

      That seems much more threatening than the geeky database tech of the 80s.

    • Yes, all the negatives basically boil down to surveillance, or the ease of it, compared to the old, non-automated ways. Databases were a huge step forward in that regard, but when they came around, we didn't have smartphones and sub-$10 connected cameras, which are a huge surveillance capability multipliers. Sprinkle some AI on top of all that, and... Interesting times ahead.