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    • I also use a Gimble similar to the one You've shown, been using if for a few years now. It was a cheaper one compared to some out there, the only issue I've found is that the Main upright where it is fixed to the boss that the tripod screw mounts to has moved and is not about 20 Deg of now not upright. But it hasn't moved any further, so other than that I use it on a Canon 7Dmk2 and the sigma 150-600 Sports lens so one of th eheavier 150 to 600s. it goes well, I use it for my Bird photography, I also have a geared head which I mainly use for landscape work and have used it with the 600 as well, but mainly use the gimbal head when using the 600. The choice of head will probalby come down to what your trying to show, something that moves (Wildlife , some sports, Aircraft) or landscapes.

    • I have a 3-axis head like that which I use all the time, have for years:

      I got it when I was shooting panos and for that it's hard to beat because you can adjust the angles so precisely, each independently. For that I liked it much better than a ball head. I could also put some pretty big lenses on it for the panos. Here I was trying to shoot Neuschwanstein in high res for a pano:

      The light wasn't good enough that day and I wanted to be up on the mountain to the left, but the tripod worked well:

      But if I were shooting birds, I'd use a gimble.

    • Awesome shots Chris....yea, I received both today and also upgraded my Manfrotto tripod to a super tall-capable Benro.....the the three way on it and boy it feels 150-600 looks like a step-child to your Canon lens but on the Gimble it feels silky smooth and should be great for shooting surfing over in Kauai. I have a road trip next week deep into the AZ desert that I will be able to give the new gear a test drive.

    • I really appreciate when new gear does in fact enhance the shooting experience. The gimbal head was perfect for shooting the full moon last night....