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    • Thinking of a tiny house? Time to get inspired, this has to be the coolest tiny house ever, but would you go as is or change aything?

      I would have to change the bedroom layout, watch the video to understand why

    • I've seen it, it's beautiful and does not appear tiny at all. If a regular home is usually a very personal aspect of our life, I think tiny homes ought to be taking personalization to the next few levels up. You made me curious, since I recall your earlier conversation on container homes....

    • I thought you might remember that, a tiny hone might be in my future for sure but I'd definitly need more head room in the bedroom area.

      The design and finish though is really nice, obviously a custom build, I wonder how the price would compare with two 40x8 continers linked to make it 16 feet wide instead of 10 feet

    • I don't know, but with such nice custom work, get the feeling when all is said and done it'll cost nearly as much as a regular home, minus the living space? Depending where it's built regulations also come into play.. some states and locales are friendlier than others but I would think that's inversely proportional to the affluence of the area.. After spending a good amount of time riding inTN/NC western area I could see it being great for such project. But I only know this from the surface observations. The area certainly is nice to ride, almost all year around!

    • The cost of just bringing services into a piece of blank land if you aren't near others can be prohibative, never mind the cost of the land...then there's the build.

      I was more refering to using two 40x8x9.5 containers to create the base structure, quickly cheaply and easily (around $5000) and then build your own house using the uprights and roof that already exist and remove what walls you don't want/ need. Instead of framing and stickbuilding to get to the same point,

      Basically prebuilt vs parts and labor

    • I'm not in the market right now, it would just be if I wanted to build someting myself and actually build it myself, I wuld feel its an easier option for a good head start