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    • Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), photographed in Kachemak Bay- Cook Inlet - Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. 

      Get Olympus OMD EM1 MK II - Olympus 40-150 f/2.8 Pro Lens - ISO 800 - 1/1600th second, f/6.3, handheld. Post-Processed in Skylum Software Luminar 2018.

      I got down on the ground to take advantage of the snowy foreground and the clouds in the sky.

      I like the clouds in the sky, the hint of grass, the shape of the slope and the composition. All those elements caused me to choose this area when I saw eagles flying low and slow as they made their approach on the sandbar.

      Oh - and as a bonus, I love the soft shadow underneath the bird.

    • Great capture.
      Up to the user of course, but when I see a linked theme I would think it better to have it in one post so that folks are not having to click around to find the images? Chris's travel ones for example.
      Perhaps only me but I see the feed as a sort of newspaper, you can quickly turn to a specific portion or just browse through looking for items of interest. When the paper gets as big as the Sunday edition many simply do not have the time to look through each page to happen upon a reoccurring theme or find that random article which could contain something great.

    • Sorry I have no idea what you are trying to say - but then again this is an entirely new way to do social media so maybe I am missing something - Chris - if you're reading please advise. Perhaps a tutorial that could clear these sorts of questions up. Thanks.

    • boiled down, one post with a new reply for each photo would make your posts easier to find and look at, rather than a new post for each photo.
      But again just my opinion...

    • Hi Scott,

      I'll talk this over with the team in the morning, but one thing we've tried to do is design the site for ongoing stories. On social media like Facebook, you post a status update today, people comment & react, and you post another update tomorrow. They're not really connected, so it's hard for someone to follow the story of your two weeks in Alaska.

      On cake you can follow conversations and find them under the star tab. Conversations that have ongoing activity float back up so you can follow them for a long time.

      So the equivalent might be putting your (AMAZING!!) eagle shots in one conversation by just adding them to the end whenever you post another. Then maybe tell a different story in a new conversation about the shorebirds of Washington, or whatever. Make sense?

      The shots you've posted so far are truly amazing. I never knew wide angle lenses and eagles could go together.

    • Ok thanks Chris - I now get it better. Is there a way to move all these separate posts into one conversation? Otherwise I will just start doing that going forward. Lots to learn with a new platform. But I am excited to get the chance to learn - nonetheless.

    • Thanks Scott. We don't have a feature to merge conversations yet, sorry to say. Early days. But it will be interesting to compare the way you were posting individual shots with starting a new conversation.

      I have Luminar running and love it. 😍 I'm trying to make like I'm Scott Bourne now.