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    • I love the show. It's currently my favourite of the entire Arrowverse. I didn't hold back on the praise on Twitter.

      And I have plenty of praise for the villain as well.

    • I no longer am a fan. I think pilots can either be a complete bust or they grab you in with the origin story of the hero. Batwoman’s pilot certainly was a homerun for me: it wasn’t Oscar level acting, but the storyline was intriguing and kept my interest throughout. Sortof like when I read comic books as a kid and still would read an issue with an inferior guest penciler because I was more interested in what happens next.

      But I felt that the storyline was being dragged out over several episodes and I didn’t really care about any of the characters. Sometimes a villian will be so interesting that you continue watching, even though the villian often gets the least camera time.

      I didn’t feel that way about Batwoman’s insane sister turned villian. She could’ve had more depth to her in the handful of episodes I watched—heck, I would’ve watched an episode that was just focused on her, with or without flashbacks to her pre-crime life.

      Maybe my expectations were set too high for character development. I certainly never had such qualms with most of the superhero shows, films and “graphic novels” when I was younger. But I do know that my taste nowadays lends itself to the Captain America movies, where you had enormous character discovery as well as kick ass fight scenes.