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    • Back when going to see a movie or renting one so we didn't have to sit through commercials was a special thing?! Good nostalgia there. These days with streaming, I regularly put on a "blockbuster" movie as background and stop in the middle to pick up later...

      I worked at Blockbuster for about six months while I was in college. It didn't matter that I didn't have a TV and went to the movies about once every three months, as we always had a movie on a couple of the screens in the store. If one paid the slightest attention, it was easy to see the good and bad movies to recommend.

      But the job was really bad. Mindless really. I don't even think being into movies would have made it better as 99.9% of the customers didn't want a "good" movie, they wanted the trendy one and if you let them, they would have you check every nook and cranny of the store looking for the "last" copy of the latest release. (I usually had it playing on the screens- they'd never catch on. That's how I knew it was time to quit, when I started doing that.)