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    • I am! I've never seen the original series, just the 1998 movie, but I assume that the original didn't have that much of a back story.

      The only real backstory in the 1960s original was for Dr. Smith. He intentionally sabotages the Robinson’s flight from Earth and we learn that Smith has been working for an Alien race.

      Also, whatever happened to Debbie?

    • I thought Season 1 was really good and I'm looking forward to Season 2 starting on Christmas Eve! I thought about going back to watch some of the original episodes so if there is some downtime this winter, I will. I really enjoy seeing early special effects (or lack thereof), not only for laughs but out of respect for the pioneers. The early 1960s had some breakthroughs. In Jason And The Argonauts (1963), Ray Harryhausen developed the Dynamation technique using rear projection and split screen to combine stop-motion and live-action footage. "Lost in Space" in 1965 was pretty analog, I think, mostly miniatures. And Bob May was finally revealed as "the man inside the robot suit."

      Billy Mumy was only 11 years old when he started the role of Will Robinson and he was already a TV veteran! Will was such a nerd and I had a crush on him.

    • I've watched Season 1 and will watch Season 2, as well. I never saw the original (raised mostly on public television) but I love Molly Parker and Toby Stephens both. Also that darn credit sequence makes me misty every time, even though I'm not very gung-ho about manned space missions right now! I like the way the show has stretched their effects budget by making 'Robbie' practical most of the time, etc., and I enjoyed how often the solution to something required some scientific problem-solving. It's a pretty smart show :)

    • I enjoyed how often the solution to something required some scientific problem-solving. It's a pretty smart show :)

      Agreed! I do like that it is a smart show. I think my favorite was when the kids were trying to figure out how to retake control of the ship from Dr. Smith.

    • I have watched the whole of Season 2 - Visually it is spectacular.

      Unfortunately I found the story line to be slow to develop, hard to follow, and hard to believe/accept. And the ending was surprising and very unsatisfactory.

      I won't say more, but I am eager to hear other viewer's impressions after they finish the whole of season 2.

    • Like @CygnusX1 , I’ve watched up to Episode 2 and have found it a complete joy. The problem solving for the first two episodes was inventive and I loved the character development: we learn more about Doctor Smith, who while still an evil psychopath is becoming more multidimensional. I’ve been a fan of Parker Posey since the movie, Waiting for Guffman, and this role plays to her strengths as an actor.

      Lost in Space has always been a visual treat but, unlike series such as The Expanse that relies on special effects over competent acting, there’s a greater focus on story and character.

      I will of course be disappointed if it fails to live up to the expectations created by season one and the first couple episodes of season two. But so far so good.