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    • My favorite project that I worked on was the most recent. I decided to make an infographic showing my summer family traditions. Making infographics is one of my favorite ways to create a handout for presentations. I was fun to talk about something I enjoy doing with my family in a creative, pretty way.

      The second project that I enjoyed was actually the midterm movie analization. I created a word document describing my favorite movie, and adding pictures of the main scenes to go along with it. I enjoyed getting to rewatch one of my favorite movies, and just talk about it.

    • Good afternoon, I really enjoyed reading your infographic! Two suggestions I have are 1) more details and 2) an explanation of the words and details. However I though you did super good on 1)contrast throughout, 2) Varying the information, and 3)making it look appealing. Overall, I think you did a great job on this presentation and you made it look amazing! Great work!

    • Haley, I really like the idea of doing a family tradition for summertime into your presentation. I've always wanted to do so, and I must say your presentation helped me to want too. I would suggest possibly more photos incorporated or even videos, however your words were well written and executed.

    • Haley,

      I really enjoyed reading and looking over your infographic! A few suggestions that
      I could have would be maybe a few more details and a little more reasoning as
      to why? All though, you did a great job! You did make me very eye appealing.
      You also had varied what you said and how you worded it! I loved this project
      too. You did an amazing job!