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    • Hi @Chris - Well, despite the elections, B&H shipped me two new R5s - one for me and one for my wife. Ordered in early August. I had already received two CF Express memory cards, one apiece.

      My question is about CF Express Card readers - what are you using or recommending??

      As I peruse B&H and Amazon, there are a lot of negative reviews of CF Express card readers. The ProGrade Digital dual slot for CF Express AND SDHC cards is very appealing, but gets very negative reviews too, and at $79.99 each I don't want to gamble and see if they might work - like I just might if they were only $15 bucks or so.

      The SanDIsk version of their CF Epxress card reader I would generally favor, but there are a lot of negative reviews on Amazon or B&H. They report having to dismantle the card to get the spring to connect contacts correctly. Not doing that!!

      I have had pretty good luck with the Unitek card readers I already own for USB-C type plugs - So I am looking seriously at the Unitek CF Express card reader with supports both USB-A and USB-C connections which would be nice. I would still have to carry two different card readers which is annoying, but I have done that for my 1DX Mk II so I'll survive I guess.

      I ordered the RF 100-500mm Lens but do not have a shipping date yet. I'll report when it arrives.

      I own the RF 35 mm f1.8 but have not used it yet - I just use the RF 24-105, the RF 24-200, and the Samyang 14mm f2.8 AF and the Laowa 15mm f 2.0 Venus lenses.

      The recently introduced RF 70-200 F4.0 certainly looks appealing - small, light, and with about 7 stops of VR .

    • I didn't do the research you did for card readers, I simply bought the SanDisk they recommended with a USB C connector. It has been perfection for me and oh my God is it fast. I am drowning in a sea of 4K footage now due to my YouTubing habit and it's astonishing how fast the SanDisk reader transfers it.

      I can't believe how good the 70-200 f/4 looks, and how small.

      I don't totally believe the number of stops of IS the lenses and bodies produce. That may be true for stills when the amplitude of shake is low (within the range that can be compensated for), but it isn't true of video when there's much motion at all. And I think that's because the amplitude of motion is higher for video. You are always moving while you shoot, whereas with stills, you have a little bit of hand shake.

    • The speed of the CF Express cards should be quite satisfactory, the CFast 2.0 cards in the 1 DX Mk II were quite a bit faster than the fastest Compact Flash cards ever made and the CF Express cards at the even newer faster cards. So I ordered one of the Sandisk readers, and one of the Unitek readers - they should be here by Saturday.

      Thanks @Chris for your promopt reply

      I agree the RF F 4.0 70-200 is very appealing - small, light, very sharp I am certain, and enough cheaper than the f2.8 version to be much easier to purchase.

      Just an added side note - both of the R5s I received yesterday are firmware version 1.1.1, which is the latest current version from the website, I believe. I was happy to see they did not need immediate firmware improvements.