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    • I was, picked mine up this afternoon, also got the limited edition collectors leather strap as well. I’ll check some images tonight, still not fully set up yet but spent a few hours out with it today. 👍🏻

    • That really sucks. There's a reason dedicated video cameras have fans, current tech needs it for sustained shooting. While this is likely an amazing device for video with capabilities beyond other still camera based bodies it's still that at its' heart. I'm sure they can probably spend a bunch on R&D and figure out a tweak to improve it but they're still going to most likely be very limited in what they can do due to those physical constraints.

      And as a still photographer or videographer who works with shorter clips this would be a huge gut punch to miss out on it for awhile after putting down that kinda money if this delay is real.

      Edit: a review just popped up on my feed and yeah that overheating is rough.

      You can get just under 20 minutes of 8k which doesn't sound bad but then even with a 20 minute cool down it only is good for a couple of minutes after that. So heat dissipation is a huge issue.

    • I am still sitting on the fence R5 vs R6 - the hand held long exposures look very enticing indeed!

      Which is more important to me these days, large files sizes versus larger pixel sizes and smaller, easier to store image files - Hmmm... Sooooo many choices.

    • Ok one from today with the R5, Still waiting on teh 800 f11 so shot with the Sigma 150-600 Sports lens, 1/400 Sec f8 ISO 5000 no issues with noise at ISO 5000 in this shot. Best viewed large of cause.

      Lewin's Honeyeater (Meliphaga lewinii) in the Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan.

    • Here's one for Bird Photographers, a review of the R5. Sorry for those that don't have one yet. This will make you want your's even faster. Gives plenty of great advice on how to set up yoru R5 for birding.

    • what an awesome review!!!! Super well filmed and the story is well told.

      B&H is not giving me any hope about getting mine anytime soon. I checked eBay and there are lots of them but + $2,000....

    • OK this Week I got my 800 f11 to go with the R5, I set it up as per the review above, worked a treat, here's an example of the R5 with the 800mm f11 handheld all day, the tripod never left the car today. Much lighter than the Sigma 150-600mm sports.

    • I jumped off the fence yesterday - my R5 is ordered. The 800 f11 seems really sharp, and compared to many long lenses is pretty inexpensive too. Go B&H!!

      Nice capture @Glenn_Smith

      I will be interested to see your opinion over time - I have some doubts about the utility of the f11 aperture when shooting in the shade back in a dark forest or after sunset chasing short ear owls in flight. But I might be convinced yet.

    • You cheated. I read it online. They say the R5’s animal eye focus is so good it’s cheating.

      When I was a freshman in college, our chemistry professor did not allow calculators because it was like cheating. We had to use sliderules.

      So I know cheating when I see it.

      Damn I can’t wait to get my R5. First thing I’m gonna do is go out to the bird refuge in the Baylands and cheat all day.

    • @Pathfinder here's one from yesterday in one of the darker areas of the gardens, again hand held, with the 800mm f11. ISO 10,000 something I wouldn;t normal do but was interested to see how it came out, actually supprised at how usable this one is, at that ISO range. Processed in Lightroom and Topaz de-Noise AI. 1/800 Sec f11 ISO 10000.

    • @Chris Yeap Thats pretty much what I did cheated all day,left it till late when the light was starting to fade when I tried swallows darting over the lake. These are so small and so fast but using the cheat mode I was able to get this and seval of them.

    • I am impressed that you were able to shoot swallows in flight! I know how challenging they can be. I suspect this means that the viewfinder must not black out nor delay very much, if any at all.

      When I tried to shoot wildlife with an EOS R through the viewfinder, I found tracking birds in flight very difficult due to blackout and delay which would cause me to lose the bird in flight, and with long glass, like 800mm, once you lose your bird it can take several seconds to reaquire in the viewfinder, if you haven't lost it entirely. A very different experience than shooting through the viewfinder of a 1DX or 1DX Mk II, where I very rarely ever lose a bird in flight, even 25 minutes after sunset.....

      I like the EOS R for shooting landscapes and people, but never used it very much for wildlife because of the delays and black outs in the viewfinder.. So I am indeed looking forward to the R5.

      My next question is your experience dealing with 45 Mpxl files - not the data so much, I am certain it is lovely, but how your computer and LR react to the much larger data flow required.

    • @Pathfinder The image size has a small effect in lightroom, noticeable but still responsive when I work the siders in real time, the one I noticed the most was processing the fungi shots, going through the auto alight and auto blend modes when focus stacking, that took some time with 20 image stacks, normally on an 18 Megapixal image it takes some time but this took a fair bit longer. Just doing basic edits it was noticable but not that bad probalby about where lightroom was an upgrade or two back before they gave it a speed boast. I don't think its any worse than it was then so you do take a bit of a hit in speed but not to much and the image quality is pretty special.

    • From your ISO 10000 shot I would guess you're getting one or two stops more effective ISO range without major noise issues than with a 5D Mk IV .

      I have been using the Topaz AI DeNoise also, and find it quite remarkable in its noise reduction without loss of detail in the image. I used NoiseWare for many years, but lately it crashes my Adobe software when I try to use it, so AI DeNoise is my go to noise reducer now if LR is not adequate.

      I should mention than I enjoy using the Oly M1X in better light - small, light, long, fairly quick to focus, very easy to handle and carry, and its files look pretty nice even at ISO 2500 or so, but it does struggle to focus in dim light even at f4, and while its High frame rate is nice, I get delays and blockages using the viewfinder for BIFs at times. Kind of a specialized tool - the 300mm f4.0 is very sharp and works pretty well with the Oly 1.4 TC as long as it doesn't get too dark out.

      I have not committed to buying a lens with an f11 aperture yet. I will wait and see what the jury of public opinion determines.

    • Had a go tonight at the moon wth the R5 and 800mm f11 handheld. Settings 1/1250 sec f11 ISO 2500, handheld. Ran through topaz AI sharpening. Happy with this for hand held.

    • Damn you, Glenn. I have the amazing 200-400 f/4 with the 1.4 built in, and I can handhold it for a couple of hours of shooting maybe. So I was hoping to not further drain my bank account and clutter my closet but you keep flaunting your amazing 800mm shots...

      I just showed my wife your 🌙 shot and she grudgingly admitted that I NEED that lens.

      I haven’t had time to read the reviews but there seems to be concerns about sharpness and slow focusing? You seem unconcerned.

    • I haven’t noticed any issues with sharpness or speed of focusing. From what I hear the 100-500 is sharper and faster, it’s not released yet but it’s on my list to get. But for the price of the 800 I had to get it, never had an 800 before. I can shoot handheld with the 150-600 sports which is much heavier not quite as heavy as you 200-400 from memory, been a while since I’ve picked one of those up. (I don’t have one) but this thing is so light. For what it is I’m happy with it, I’ll be out again this Saturday Birding with it. I’ll be easy to spot the guy under the hat with the big smile from the joy I’m getting out of it all.

    • I’ll be easy to spot the guy under the hat with the big smile


      I wouldn't have much of the gear I now own - and really enjoy using professionally - and get good results from - if I paid much attention to the Fro or Rockwell et al.

      Jacks of all - masters of none.

    • Now the fun begins. Don’t be afraid to push this where you wouldn’t normally go once set up. Handholding at 1/50 sec with an 800mm and ISO 10,000 are all acceptable. I’m heading out with Canon here tomorrow hopefully getting to play with the 100-500 thou I’ve been warned there still pretty rare here so may not get that, it’s a before hours early morning session in a local Sydney Zoo here, I don’t normally shoot captive animals so something not usually my thing much prefer them free. One of the last Canon ran events as they are shutting down that program here after many years, the Local Ambassadors are loosing their jobs but a few have banded together to start their own set up, so be interesting to see what comes of it, looks like they are using their contacts and connections to run very similar workshops and adventures over the country and beyond when permitted.
      have fun with the new toy, everything I’ve tried with it I’m happy with the only thing it doesn’t do is allow speedlites with focus bracketing so still have to shoot mushrooms 🍄 the old way, But it was never really going to be my mushroom body. Otherwise fantastic body, great Autofocus when you get it set up. Have fun there, looking forward to seeing what you come up with, with it.