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    • Motorcycle riding and camping have been my life and will continue to be. This takes me to nature and lets me be me while having some great alone time in my helmet to think of things I normally don't take to think about.

      I'm entering retirement age which is frightening to me because I can't see the future and find where my place is in it. Last summer I decided not to ride and try to focus on other things. I didn't accomplish much, I still camped some and I experienced a first. I have been trying to do at least one new thing a year.

      Even with the plan of not riding for the season I ended up doing one "ride". I participated in a minibike race which was a lot of fun and so many laughs. I am not competitive and have never raced and my only goal was to stay up right and not crash. Our 5 member team rode that mini bike 100 miles on trails and was 10th out of 100 teams. Only about half the teams finished. It made me feel good that at 63 years old I still had enough in me to be able to do this.

      Taking a season off from riding told me that I need to continue riding and camping to keep enjoying life. I also know if I can't do that when I ride because of financial reason there is no reason to retire.

    • You inspire me. My heroes are people who stay engaged and passionate in whatever they love, into their 80s & 90s. From that perspective, you're young and have so much to do. In your helmet time you can map out your next 30 years and inspire a lot of people.

      This image made the New York Times and I got a kick out of it. Maybe it'll give you a smile too: