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    • Thanks Chris. I think it's great to share these little things that make us happy. Guess that's the psychology side of me 😉 Riding a skate board always looks like freedom to me. Until I try and it's so wobbly and never goes where I want it too 😂 how long did it take you to learn?

      Yes I'm a PhD student in Sport Psychology. I studied sport science and got interested in the psychology later on. It might have something to do with spending a lot of time in my helmet 😉 good point you didn't see that on my Facebook page. It looks like it needs an update. I started the PhD about a year ago, looking at elite athletes' adjustment to major changes in life and sport in terms of their mental health. It's a great opportunity to be working in this field! So much to learn and share, and I hope I can add a little bit to it 😊