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    • Humans have been saying what you're saying for eons. We won't ever learn. We're just human after all. Monkies in disguise, that think we're special. We are not. We may go extinct. Fact. Many causes not all of them ours. We can't harm this planet it will shrug us off soon, I feel. We are just pests it needs to eradicate, then mother earth will just go on without us. Ever see Joni Mitchell's song, Big Yellow Taxi? Same story different generation.

    • Individuals are bound by life cycle, once each of us dies, where is the lifelong presumed accumulated wisdom gone? Lost! Rinse and repeat. There is no such thing as "we" the "humans" when we can't even agree to be coherent on basic things on a global scale. We are not bees, nor ants in our disorganized and careless/reckless social behavior, but wish perhaps we'd have been as good as dolphins.

    • It certainly does seem as though history repeats itself and that humans keep making the same mistakes year after year. It's just different people making those mistakes.

      So, sadly, it does seem unlikely that as a race, we will figure it out. But one can hope, no?

    • Sadly, "hope" means leaving things to sort themsleves out.. Without respect for culture, tradition, and science applied with benefic intent, without understanding society's values importance and prioritization, without a global vision, there is little hope for human race. But they may survive in another increasingly twisted, chaotic centennial same as ever. The only changing variable is population increase in numbers..