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    • I searched for information on the dropping water levels of Field Pond in Harold Parker State Forest to no avail. Luckily I met some other folks walking in the park who knew the story - the work on the rehabilitation of the Field Pond Dam & Dike has started.

      It appears to be somewhat controversial. While some people do not believe the dam had decayed enough to need to be repaired (or replaced), after many years of arguments the state has started the process of repairing the dam. Before that work could be started, the water level in the rather large pond was lowered.

      That brings up what I consider an oddity of language. I've always thought bodies of water in the size of Field Pond were lakes but here in the northeast corner of Massachusetts they are known as ponds. Hmm...

      With the lower water level, the view of Field Pond is very much altered. Where before there was an edge-to-edge view of water, now rocks and scattered fallen branches have emerged along with a mucky lakeshore.

    • Is this progress or destruction?

      From what I hear the plan is to let the water level rise under the control of nature. I wonder how long it will take after the completion of the construction for the water to return to previous levels.

      This pond was heavily used for fishing and canoeing. When will those activities return?

      I find a certain beauty in the temporary destruction of this body of water.

    • I often visit a lake & walk around the dam area, it's quite refreshing and the view is open, from a hill top. Near home, the walking trail passes by a pond (with a dam) and I enjoy seeing the evolution of local resident fowl. Some folks feed them, there are screams of surprise and joy from the children watching..