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    • I noticed your recent clap for my post above.

      I just reviewed this thread recently, pondering what might be done with images shot over a year ago, now that Adobe has really stepped up their Enhance photo command in their RAW software - I suspect some of the images might actually be noticeably better - but I prefer the RAW engine in LR CC these days, so I may wait until that engine gets updated as well, which I hope will be fairly soon.

      Our discussion of external LCD viewfinders now seems amost antique, since an R and and R5 have joined my corral of shooting tools. Both offer external viewing through Canon's app now also, so that should help a lot.

    • Yes its amazing what you can do with the external viewfinder remote shooting app, I've used it in the past on the 7DmkII when setting up watching birds I can set up move away and shoot when something intersting happens in the screen, bit of a drain on battery life but swings and round abouts. I haven't played with the Photshop Enhance as yet but certainly going in the right direction. I spend 90% of my time in lightroom so with you on waiting to see what Lightroom comes up with.