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    • I just thought - what would a telescope image look like - and sure enough found few.. quite captivating. In fact a telescope is just a bigger, more special lens, in layman terms I suppose. But there are some amazing details they seem to expose.

    • Pathfinder which Canon bodies are you using, there’s a canon app that allows remote shooting including focus and settings adjustments works on 5dmk4 and 7dmkii the later you need a wifi card in the sd card slot, both 6 d models also work. So you can use iPhones or iPads to view and drive the camera. I use it if doing any bird photography near nests I can set up the camera and walk away and control it from a distance aperture, shutter speed and ISO as well as focus points and of cause shutter button. So worth a look if you have the right bodies, some of there other bodies may have this as well so worth checking. The apps called Camera connect from Canon. Good luck.

    • Glen, I use several Canon bodies, a 5D Mk IV and a 1DX Mk II are my main ones, but I also use a 7D Mk fairly often, and I use a 70D as a walksabout snap shooter when I want to just travel fast and light. So the app you suggested may work fine for me - I do have a mini IPad 4 that should work very nicely. I just need to figure out how to mount it in a hot shoe. Canon is selling 7D Mk IIs with a SD style card with WiFi that should link with an iPad easily too.

      On different note, I spent some time reading about the new Olympus body but may just settle for a Panasonic DC-G9 due to its lower cost and a similar number of pixels

    • the 5d4 will work as is you just need the app, then you can drive the camera from the iPad it doesn’t have to be mounted to the camera as it creates its own local WiFi network. But if you want it mounted there’s probable a few hot shoe (cold shoe in this case) mounts about. Souls like you have very similar set up to my less the 1dx which I don’t have. I also still use the 60d for all my mushroom shoots.

      The new Olympus looks nice and I’m certainly watching that, could make a great travel camera, I’ll play with one when they come out and see what I think, my brother already uses the OMD1mk2 and loves it. For now I’m firmly in Canon glass for now at least, waiting to see what the next 1dx is next year or late this year if it also goes the R route. We’ll see interesting to watch. I do like some of the features like live view capture for long exposures where the scene is painted on the LCD or the pro-capture feature both would love to have on my ones.

      I use the wifi shooting on both the 5d and 7dmk2 but it does drain batteries both camera and phone, so don’t expect hours of it. I don’t use it that often but at times comes in handy,

      Good luck.