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    • After five years of peaceful package delivery, I've just had my first porch piracy incident. Here is a link to a 10-second clip of the guy stealing my Amazon package:

      A few minutes before it happened Amazon Delivery truck pulled up. The delivery man got out and took care to drop off my package behind a flower pot. It was much harder to spot. A couple of packages a few hours earlier were dropped off by the front door in plain sight, and I got them perfectly fine.

      The guy in the video was looking for packages to steal, and he got away with mine.

      What should I do next?

    • About the thief or your "policy"? Let me just first say - this sucks and I'd get terribly pissed off. I reckon not really much you can do about getting your package back, or catching the thief. But you can change your instructions where parcels are to be left, to be at the back door, or ask to not leave them if no one answers the doorbell. I know the latter is really inconvenient. I'm also quite curious what Amazon's policy is on quasy delivered parcels that buyer never gets.

    • Great suggestion on delivery instructions! After some online digging and a few frustrating minutes of chatting with an Amazon chat or, I got through to a representative. I shared a link above of the Nest Camera footage with him in the chat and he connected me with a supervisor.

      The Amazon customer service supervisor then chatted with me for a few minutes asking standard questions. I had to wait a few more minutes on hold, but he came back and offered to give me a full refund in a couple of days (standard procedure). He asked me if I would give some delivery instructions to add to my account and I gave him the “backyard” door suggestion.

      I’m feeling really lucky that Amazon gave me a full refund for the $50 worth of items. I then had to reorder them again.

      Any suggestions on protecting my future deliveries?

    • Those seem like opportunistic thieves, they don't really look like they're going to risk going around to your back door to check if a package is there and steal it. I'd set up a camera there anyway, and another suggestion is once you get notified of activity to go or have someone remove the parcel sooner rather than later.

    • I have been thinking about installing a camera pointing at a backyard door for a while. Now it seems like a good idea and not a “maybe one day I’ll need it” kind of a thing.

      The interesting thing about the footage is that the package thief followed an Amazon Delivery Truck and waited about 10-20 minutes to make sure no one was going to open the door inside the house. He sneaked in from the left side of the yard, staying close to the garage and away from the street. He clearly knew there was a package waiting for him there.

      So I ordered a Package Lockbox from Amazon. Hopefully it will make it a little harder and more hassle to steal from in the future.

    • Did you post this to NextDoor for your neighborhood? Our neighborhood NextDoor is all about this kind of stuff. Sometimes they can pool videos for a police report. Also, our police are active on the forum. Here’s a bit of a post they did awhile ago:

      Morgan Hill man arrested in connection with burglaries

      A Morgan Hill man was arrested on New Year’s Eve after he was spotted breaking into cars in a complex on East Middlefield Road.

      Around 3:35 am on Sunday, our officers responded to the 100 block of East Middlefield Road after a resident called to report that not only was a car alarm going off, but that she had spotted a man attempting to break into a vehicle. As we were en route, a second call came in from another resident stating that a second car had been burglarized.

      We immediately began searching the area for individuals who matched the description of the suspect given to us by residents – a man wearing a dark-hooded sweatshirt and a beanie. One of our officers spotted a man wearing identical clothing at Tyrella and Flynn avenues and stopped him. The man, later identified as 30-year-old Tonato Mills, could not tell officers why he was in the area.

      One of MVPD’s K9s, Thor, was able to connect that a Honda sedan parked at a rear gate to the complex had been recently used by Mills. Inside the car, a bag full of burglary tools was found. Mail from residents, a pipe used to smoke methamphetamine, as well as methamphetamine were also found inside the car.

      We had received reports of vehicle break-ins as well as mailbox break-ins at that same location a few days before, and at least one other resident noticed that their car had been vandalized that night, though they did state that nothing appeared to have been taken.

      Mills was subsequently arrested for burglary, prowling, possession of burglary tools, possession of stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance and violation of his parole. He was booked into the Santa Clara County Jail.

      Yesterday, a follow-up search was done at Mills’ home in Morgan Hill. Gun ammunition (which a convicted felon is not allowed to possess), suspected additional stolen mail and suspected stolen property from a neighboring city were also found.

      “This was a great case handled by our officers,” Sgt. Wahed Magee said. “They did a fantastic job in the investigation and in arresting (Mills).”

    • New Development: I went over the security footage again and spotted a suspicious car. It drove much slower than others and stopped right after passing my house. 45 seconds later the man in the video walked up from that same direction to steal the package. Here is a quick clip:

      This is the car in question. Does it look as suspicious to you as it does to me?

    • I see from your last image that your Amazon package is behind your flower box, and is clearly NOT VISIBLE to random drivers just driving past - so your thief HAD to know a delivery had just occurred at your house, recently - I wonder if they aren't shadowing the UPS truck in a common appearing vehicle, and telephoning the logistics ( package and location ) to the thief.

      You may want to continue to monitor what vehicles creep by your front yard, they may try to come back.

      An Amazon delivery lockbox will probably encourage the thieves to move on to other environs that are easier to steal in.

      On a side note, stealing from home delivery during a pandemic when many folks are Staying in Place at home, doesn't seem like the brightest plan either.

      I know you have seen the fart box full of glitter that was used to bait delivery thieves on Youtube.

    • Or you could rig a very large net to drop on a probable thief when they try to steal your package without disarming the net first - might make a great video capture for Youtube too...

      I will eagerly await news of your video 😄

    • That package was so hidden! I'm impressed by the delivery driver and creeped out that someone was watching closely enough to go in and nab it later. Ugh.

    • Disappointing that there are people like that out there! The only thing you can do is warn your neighbors about this and maybe start a neighborhood watch program. I like the idea of having your packages delivered to a secure lock box or something along those lines, though that is kind of a pain. Crazy that you got it on film!

    • Looking over the footage and the time stamps, it looks like the driver was following the Amazon Delivery truck. He was staying a couple of minutes behind the truck.

      The Amazon driver made a few stops along around street then turned around and drove past my house a minute later the car in the video showed up.

      I filed a Police Report, which has already been approved by the Santa Clara Police Department. In addition to that, I also spoke to my neighbor across the street and showed her the footage. She was just as shocked as I was, and she has packages arriving at her doorstep weekly.

      Lastly, I ended up buying a package LockBox, which will be arriving in two days. It won’t accommodate all package sizes, but at least the smaller ones will fit just fine.