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    • My 50 years of teaching swimming has taught me that in order to be a successful teacher one must tune into how comfortable and relaxed the student is.  

      A swimmer must learn that relaxing allows them to float. The water will support their body and do most of the hard work. 

      The art of becoming an efficient swimmer is based on the ability to relax as you swim. Then your energy can be used appropriately to propel you forward through the water.  If you are fearful of the water, you must learn how to relax in the water and be in the present moment….your fears will diminish.

      - When learning to swim, spend time learning to inhale and exhale in a relaxed fashion.
      - Breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose in the water.
      - Relaxed lap swimming is like meditation.The water can be transformational…connecting your mind, body and spirit
      - Swimming can be a “happy place” where you are able to balance your emotions and be rejuvenated
      - Swimming is addictive and FUN!

      I teach at various pools in the Palo Alto area that can benefit competitive swimmers who require a long pool. I also travel to home pools to give instruction privately.
      The children I work with, their parents want them to have a relationship with me. Swimming helps one of my student’s anxiety. Another client is a woman in her late 40s, joined the club I taught at, completely changed her life choices, and now has a commitment to being a real fast swimmer — and she is on a roll. She can’t wait to get to the pool and practice. 

      About freestyle swimming: It takes the average person approximately 2 years to become efficient at swimming freestyle.

      One must coordinate the armstroke, kicking and breathing which requires flexibility. One learns which parts of the stroke and kick should be relaxed so you conserve energy. Practice your swimming technique SLOWLY…and add speed later.

      The mission is to fulfill your dream, your passion.

    • Thank you. Your passion has helped hundreds upon hundreds of people get inspired to discover the water. Just being on this panel has inspired us.