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    • During the closing ceremony in Mexico City, I wanted to come back in ’72.  Then life kicked in. I went back to college and I’m glad I did. 

      Mexico was a political Olympics, but we didn’t know it was going on in real time, so there wasn’t the threat of what happened in ’72. Every Olympics since then has always had some kind of political statement. 

      Even with no Olympic medal, it was still a rewarding experience. Not only did I conquer that fear, but I found my passion in the water. That’s where I’m happy, in a pool.

      It was about 7 years after the Olympics that I committed to having a career in teaching and coaching swimming. Every year it gets better. I get more experience with all the people I’ve worked with. As long as someone wants to learn to swim, they’ll learn to swim to the best of their physical ability, because I believe in overcoming fears.

      I graduated from UCLA with a B.A. in Political Science in 1971. In 1975, I returned to my hometown and took a full-time position as swim coach and Aquatic Director of a local country club in Portola Valley, CA.