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    • Out of curiosity, do you interpret this as meaning that you should not have ambitions and work hard to achieve them?

      The author knew his readers would think the same thing. And he spent time talking about ambitions in the context of Stoicism. Ambitions are great! Especially when they are aligned with our inherent virtues (logic, socializing, etc.). And progress in life against our internalized goals is 100% encouraged.

    • 4. Think not of the past or even your current situation. They are beyond your control. But the future is yours to shape.

      This is hard because simple it's probably an intentional inexactitude. Both the past and the future are not real. They can't be controlled. The only thing that can be controlled is your inner state of being according to what is going on and it's value that YOU decide.

      The Stoic schoools focus on true individuality, being 100% in charge of how you think, act and feel. We can basically only do those three things anyway. We just don't know how.

      We get tripped up because we put conditions on our inner state.
      - I'll be happy when... (future)- I would be happy if... (future)- I am not happy because... (past)

      Instead someone could possibly just recalibrate their perception of what is actually going on and possibly have a reasonably objective view of reality, which may possibly allow one to be free to experience all things with a value you determine.

      The future then is something one is "free to experience" instead of being in a state of anxiety around an idea of it being "mine to shape".

    • I'm onboard with everything that @coffee said except for one thing:

      The Stoic schoools focus on true individuality, being 100% in charge of how you think, act and feel.

      Specifically, I don't think as true individuals we are in charge of how we feel. It is something that we can influence by thinking or acting on it, but fundamentally it is a state that comes over us and of which we also have no control. It could be caused by a hormonal imbalance, fatigue or stress. So it is important to acknowledge it for what it is and to think and act to resolve it.

    • VR, the last few days have made me seriously wonder about that. Anthony Bourdain used to say he could be at an airport and order an ordinary hamburger, and not a very good one, and just looking at it could send him into a depression that lasted 3 days. And yet from the outside looking in, it seemed he had everything someone could wish for.

      And there has been a lot of talk about YouTube stars achieving everything they've ever dreamed of and wondering how they could be so unhappy. They just seem to burn out and need a break from their sorrow. I sometimes can't explain why I'm in a great mood one day and subdued the next. It just seems to follow a rhythm.

    • I can't believe it Chris! I expect you to be perfectly in balance with the surroundings. lol. Without ups and downs in life we do not ever evolve. The deeper the chasm between our perception and reality, the stronger the learning experience. It's just gotta be painful, but hey that has been just my experience.

    • I think we can become in charge of how we feel and many do, to an extent or another. It goes back to how well a person knows themselves. Feelings are manifestations of the subconscious, but I think they have almost same physiological process as thoughts. If it's all brain chemistry how can it be so much more different.