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    • Chris....that was my impression as well..There are gillions of said mansions out there but also a majority of upper middle class homes that have been passed down for generations. And as much I think I am above snobbery, I do like saying out loud in my Vegas social group..."I am headed to the Hamptons this weekend..."

      It does seems like a filtered nexus of the Universe. Here is a photo of my buddy Sean (snatched off his FB wall) getting a podium finish for paddleboarding out in Montauk with probably my greatest hero of all time - Laird Hamilton. Him and his wife pro volleyballer Gabby have a huge following and delivery of their super extreme kick-butt workout series called Extreme Performance Training. I think you can spend anywhere from $5K to $100K thus their "clients" out in Montauk appreciate the hands-on celebrity training medium.