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    • I normally shoot aperture-priority but on occasion I try and shoot shutter-priority if I can pull it off. I usually suck. But, I was happy with this photo because I was trying to convey the "anger" of this confluence of the bay and ocean and this is where the fishermen catch much of their fish. You have to click for the larger image to see the slight blur of the static objects.

    • These folks were amazing. These are the 5-minute connections I love when I travel. He was a CPA in the city, she was a Secretary. They got married and the CPA's bro thought they should open a t-shirt shop in Westhampton. They have been doing it for 30+ years and KILLING IT. They loved the old days drinking in bars where they drummed up alot of business but nowadays people don't do that they said. But, generations of families buy all their summer apparel there.

    • There is a classic-looking Performing Arts center downtown and I asked my buddy as we were driving around about the Saturday night billing of Tom Papa / Comedian. My buddy Sean has done some standup comedy and actually did a warm up act for Amy Shumur a few years ago. I had never heard of Tom Papa and Sean had never been to the PAC so he bought us two tickets. WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL theatre! Tom was funny as hell and it was really great how he tactfully made fun of the presumed $30Billion net worth that was in the audience.

    • Lastly, even though my first surfed wave was at Steamer's Lane in Santa Cruz in the mid-70's I TOTALLY SUCK at surfing. But, I love the sport and love to shoot it. As I had posted in a previous thread, seeing this kid catch his first wave and kill it was amazing. Probably the highlight of my trip. I love seeing fearless kids.....inspiring....My full writeup is HERE

      BTW....when I do a writeup some of it is about Google SEO so I try and pick a unique title that gets picked up by Google. If you query the Urban Dictionary for for Yeauhh you will know it makes sense. LOL

    • Wow that was awesome. Thanks for taking the time to write all this up and post such great photos. I can't imagine the wide cultural gulf separating rural and bush Alaska from the Hamptons.

      Funny thing about the Hamptons, I've heard about them all my life as the place where rich New Yorkers go on the weekends and I loosely pictured mansions and exclusive gated properties. Until reading your story, I didn't know a thing about the history or that you could surf there. Nor'easter destroying so many homes? Settlements in the 1600s? Paying Indians British Pounds and trinkets for the land? I'm ashamed I didn't know any of this.

      I guess my fuzzy notion of the Hamptons was like this:

    • Chris....that was my impression as well..There are gillions of said mansions out there but also a majority of upper middle class homes that have been passed down for generations. And as much I think I am above snobbery, I do like saying out loud in my Vegas social group..."I am headed to the Hamptons this weekend..."

      It does seems like a filtered nexus of the Universe. Here is a photo of my buddy Sean (snatched off his FB wall) getting a podium finish for paddleboarding out in Montauk with probably my greatest hero of all time - Laird Hamilton. Him and his wife pro volleyballer Gabby have a huge following and delivery of their super extreme kick-butt workout series called Extreme Performance Training. I think you can spend anywhere from $5K to $100K thus their "clients" out in Montauk appreciate the hands-on celebrity training medium.

    • Wow, I followed that link to Extreme Performance Training out of curiosity because you called Laird Hamilton your greatest hero of all time and I had never heard of him. I've gotten bored of P90x and had a few bad ankle sprains lately so...

      It led me to their advisor/sports doc Kelly Starrett, who wrote a bestseller:

      The thing is Starrett has an extremely useful YouTube channel for how to handle things like ankle sprains, my curse in life:

      Really glad you told me about them.

    • Hmmm....I might have to check out that book....the older I get and regrettably less active, the aches and pains in the morning are not fun.

      Calling Laird my hero is mostly as a sports icon but at much deeper levels. As a haole surfing Hawa'ii, it is one thing to be the master HUGE 50'+ wave surfer he was, but, his quest to understand the science of big wave surfing and developing the now obvious "foil" I could consider on par with Steve Jobs obsession to refuse to accept the norm.