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    • Lezyne High Volume Pump, I bought this for one simple pump up my Tubliss tubes which require pressure in excess of 100psi

      I opted for the High pressure, high volume pump with the gauge on it

    • its has a small pack size and its lightweight, the tubliss requires the pressure to be set at 100 to 110psi, and as where most hand pumps have a limit of 60 to 100psi i needed to find a better option.

      Most 12 volt pump won't reach those limits either

    • I found it would (with the Tubliss gain pressure quickly, as its a smaller sized bladder, right up to about 80 psi then it became harder to gain the pressure required for the limit i need and took twice as long to get the extra 30lbs or so

      ...but it does it, and in a few minutes i'm done

      Pumping up the actual tire take obviously a lot longer due to the volume required not the pressure.

      Getting the number right is easy to do without having to remove it to check with the integrated pressure gauge which reads both psi and Kpa

    • The integrated chuck is removable and can be changed from threading it in in the required direction which is quick and easy.

      If you over pump and add too much pressure there is a release valve integrated into the chuck to adjust the pressure back down without removing it

      The pressure adjuster is the black button in the middle, press in to release air pressure, simple and effective design

    • I have had one unexpected issue with the pump, the threads in the chuck pulled out so it wouldn't hold on the valve because the pressure would make it pop off, no idea why, but a quick call to Lezyne warranty and customer service and they are sending in a replacement.

      All in all, happy with the performance, weight and customer service and is a great small sized lightweight option when you don't want a much bigger pump using 12 volt option

    • Wonderul review @rtwPaul! I too love this bike pump and travel with it for Triathlon races to pump up my bike tires. The digital gauge is amazing and I like how precise and true it is. Here is a review I wrote about my Lezyne pump a few months back: