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    • Can you elaborate in more detail in regards to "your data isn't being tracked unknowingly"

      The standard industry practice is to include a third party "button" on your site, and all the major vendors provide these. You pull in their Javascript SDK into your site, which runs some unknown proprietary code. This is great because it makes it really easy to add buttons to your site without having to dig into their API.

      However, while part of the reason for companies to provide these kinds of SDKs is ease of use, it is very easy for these SDKs to include code that sends user data from whatever site they are included on. If we just use raw URLs in custom share buttons (as we have done) we can avoid all this. The downside is that it is a bit higher technical cost to keep up with and implement.

      Can you share some of the thought process for not including Pinterest or Facebook?

      We played with both of these. Pinterest is great but in practice sharing content from Cake to Pinterest is a bit awkward, since pinning is more about bookmarking articles and less about discussions. It is still on the table though while we think about it further.

      Facebook a little bit awkward. It is huge, and it would be great to have it. We just ran into some maintainability hurdles in their API that we don't have the time to tackle just yet.

      The short answer is that their exclusion right now is not a choice to never include them, but to release a set of networks that we know will work well now and that will be easy to maintain.

      Somewhat unrelated: what happened to official cake avatar you guys had before? I kind of like those for official announcements.

      The main worry we had was that because admins are so active on the site for personal use, that our comments would carry undue weight when we are using the site in a non-official capacity. You are right though about announcements, we'll need to think about how to make them a bit more clear.