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    • Just make sure before you buy that land there's no building restrictions, some areas it can be tough, you see steel barns and think they are considered similar, but sometimes they aren't.

      In the article i like the sloped roof, container cost is cheap x3, but stuctural work would be very expensive, I actually looked into this one and the costs were prohibitive because of that.

      So i looked around and the lead photo is now what i would lookd to go with, 4 containers 2x2 stacked and offset, balcony at the back, at a later date easily add a few more to make it a 'T' shape and have a garage/ workshop and additional bedrooms and potentially a large roof terrace. Just need to make sure the concrete slab is all poured at the same time for the future.

      The other thing i considered and you could too if its in a good area, have individual containers to rent out on Airbnb to generate residual income, $2600 for a container, slowly make it a casita, if it seems to work add another etc...if it doesn't sell it as a small home, new owner can pick it up and take it away

    • Someone shared this video, and while not container related per se, to me the idea of printing a home seems fantastic! I'd order one, of course with a garage..

    • That is such a good simple idea, but like someone said in the comments, why build in El Salvador for $4000 per home!

      Why not build in the US for 2-10 times the price and use the profits to build in poor countries for free?

      $4000 in savings in El Salvador is like lottery winnings.

    • very doable, i already have one 20 footer, $2500 for a single use, so another $5000 for the basic structure.

      Then according to them it worked out at $105,000 USD total cost, so for me another $100,000, i think i could call in a few favors to come in under budget

      Thanks for sharing