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    • it's been awhile since i have posted over here, truth is, i didn't have any new content to share however i do now have some new work and here is a little breakdown of one of my pieces, my "ghostrider" image

      i created the image for the word "fire" for the 25th round of the photography scavenger hunt. i knew it would be a challenge, but i love a good challenge. here is the final image, but read on if you want to hear how it was created or click on the video link to see the speed edit of it's creation
      the setup

      for this shot to work i needed multiple elements all shot in the same way to eventually be combined for the final image. chains, fire, and a scull all were integral to the shot and so i set about to light and shoot them all

      for the key light i went with a Paul C. Buff, Inc. alien bee B800 in a beauty dish to add the overall lighting from top to bottom. along the sides i added two strip banks again with B800s but both gelled blue to add some contrast and to help define the edges of the black leather outfit as well as the chains

      since i would be adding fire coming from my neck area, i added a single Canon 580EXII with a heavy orange gel to light my chest and shoulder areas

      the shoots

      i first shot my overall body posturing and tried several variants of poses as i was not sure how i wanted the final pose to be and wanted options. after i was satisfied with enough looks for the body i moved onto the chains

      i shot the chains by swinging them around as i wanted to get some in camera motion blur and it worked like a charm. thankfully the chains were plastic as i repeatedly hit myself in the head over and over while getting the shots i needed, and once i felt i had enough shots of the chains i moved onto the scull

      the scull was really tricky as i didn't want to over light the scull but also didn't want it to be too dark as it is usually illuminated via the flames both inside and out. for the final solution i moved the 580EXII that was illuminating my chest under the scull and then lit it from about with the beauty dish. this combination gave the perfect mix of internal and external lighting that a real flame would cast

      finally i shot the fire. thankfully none of my neighbors called the fire department as i set a mannequin head wrapped in aluminum foil and covered with a black t-shirt on fire after dousing it with kerosene. it created an amazing blaze and i got some great still and motion shots by moving the light stand the head was mounted to back and forth while i shot it

      the edit

      once in lightroom i culled all the parts of the shoot until i had the pieces i needed to put the whole thing together and then it was off to photoshop to put it all together. in total it was about 4hrs in photoshop to work all the elements into the final composite and get it to it's final state

      final thoughts

      going into this project i had my apprehensions of how the final outcome would turn out, but having some foresight and vision i was able to carefully shoot all the elements properly and in a way that made it all coalesce into a final image i am very proud of

      as always, if you have any questions about any part of my part of my work feel free to ask, I am always happy to further explain if needed

      if you enjoy these videos, please subscribe to my youtube channel and that way you will be informed when new ones are released



    • I loved watching your fast edit video of the compositing. I had no idea how to make that kind of photo nor that it would take so many elements from separate photographs like chain, flame and clothing to make it look so convincing. Mind blown and thank you for sharing the behind the scenes work!

      Most people like myself have no idea how long it takes to make this art piece. 🙏

    • thank you much. compositing is at times a very complex process, but doing it enough over time it becomes second nature :)