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    • I’d recommend ignoring most of the stuff out there. I think it’s called “hustle porn” or other stuff where people get obsessed about reading about other people’s successes. Disregard most of that stuff.

      I listen to people who’ve already been so successful - those are the people who have nothing to lose by sharing their knowledge. Look at Ray Dalio, billionaire, he’s shared a lot of his thoughts through his book Principles and his app. So someone like that, maybe everything they say isn’t correct, but they have nothing to lose by giving you advice. So focus on people who’ve already made it. Have a bit of criteria about who you listen to.

      I also like Farnham Street. They have some really great content. I also like Naval Ravikant, and he has a lot of good insight, he was the founder of AngelList and now he’s a startup investor working on a few different projects. And I also listen to a lot of bitcoin stuff, because I’ve worked in that space since 2017 and really enjoy it.