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    • I am excited to announce my interview with Mikhaela Ackerman this weekend.

      Mikhaela was diagnosed with autism and had minimal language before the age of four.  Through the loving support of her family, Mikhaela went on to graduate from law school.

      She is a frequent speaker to groups on how autistics can successfully make the transition to adulthood.  Mikhaela also advocates for legislation to improve the lives of autistics and their families.

      We will be chatting about her experiences in transitioning to adulthood as well as suggestions for families with a transitioning autistic adult.

      Due to scheduling issues, we are extending the timeframe for our interview exchanges.  Our interview begins on Friday afternoon and the conversation will continue throughout the weekend.

    • Interview with Autism Advocate, Mikhaela Ackerman

      Begins Friday afternoon on


      My apologies for not uploading sooner this beautiful image from Mikhaela Ackerman, aka @edgeoftheplayground