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    • I got an advance copy of the new book "This Is The Book You Give Your Dad" by Matt Goulet and Andrew Janik recently, and wanted to share some fun insights into the text and why it's the perfect gift for a dad you may know.

      The coauthors bring with them a lot of insights and experience: Matt Goulet is a senior associate editor for Men's Health magazine, while Andrew Janik has created a ton of illustrations and designs for outlets like the NYTimes or Sports Illustrated. Together, they've created a compendium that covers the majority of nearly everything a Dad needs to know.

    • The book covers everything from "The Periodic Table of Beer," guiding you through choosing glasses correctly, proper food pairings and even hop levels...

    • And last - but definitely not least - great dad jokes. For the dad who has everything, this book can be a fun nod to the skills (whether comedic in nature or serious) needed by dads everywhere.

    • Love the idea, but it’s regrettable that it’s got crude jokes and beer trivia as the hallmarks of fatherhood. I guess maybe it’s just meant to be funny and not actually helpful? I was thinking something along the lines off the Art of Manliness blog or the Dangerous Book for Boys... useful stuff to become better.

      I’ll pass. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    • The book also has useful information like how to remove stains or common useful recipes, but is more a lighthearted overview gift for the dad who has it all :)