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    • I'm of two minds about this kind of technological process.

      On the one hand, I love technology and benefit greatly from it. I read news almost exclusively online now. I read books almost exclusively on my Kindle. And so on.

      But on the other hand, I also still love the feeling of sitting down to read a real paper newspaper, or a real paper book. I like the feel of the physical object in my hands, and the smell, and the act of manipulating the pages as I read. I just don't love the inconvenience of not having instant choice at my fingertips, or of having to lug heavy books around while traveling.

      Sometimes I wonder if the ultimate killer application of virtual or augmented reality technology will be to replicate the feel of a mundane physical act like reading a paper newspaper or a book while still allowing the convenience of infinite choice and instant gratification.

    • Are we asking if we can have our cake and eat it too?

      ‘Virtual’ is technologically amazing but it is not reality.

      As we further immerse ourselves in Virtual Realities we seem to moving away from tangible realities.

      Print is tangible. Your description of what it’s like to hold in yer hands- the smell, the feel, the touch, you even used the word Love-

      Print is also a ‘settling’ medium and impressions the subconscious in a deeper more permeable way. Advertisers are loosing site of this and rushing into the manipulative noisy digital environment.

      The foundation of all quality journalism along with the ethics and responsibilities of a Free Press starts with PRINT-

      We are loosing a tremendous amount with the decline of print and opening the door to different ethical standard, digital noise and higher levels of manipulation as we move away from tangible realities to virtual ones.

    • I'm with you on the Kindle, unless it is something that contains photographs my reading is almost exclusively on my Kindle. I also make sure I have something to read on my phone (in the Kindle app) in case I need a distraction while I am waiting for someone or something.

      I still read a (paper) newspaper every day. That's supplemented with online access to papers as well. I like sitting in the morning with a cup of tea and the paper!