"Poaching destabilizes nations, disrupts ecosystems and threatens biodiversity. A recent study suggests still another consequence: Some types of poaching may also accelerate climate change.

Forest elephants — the smaller, endangered relatives of African savanna elephants — promote the growth of large trees that excel at storing carbon, according to research published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Should forest elephants disappear, scientists estimated, Central Africa’s rain forest will lose about three billion tons of carbon — the equivalent of France’s total CO2 emissions for 27 years."

"Save for a few surviving populations, forest elephants are functionally extinct in almost all of their former 850,000-square-mile habitat. The species declined by 62 percent from 2002 to 2011, and poaching has largely continued unchecked since then."

Despite its relative isolation Gabon, which holds about half of the world's remaining forest elephants, is now suffering from increasing poaching.

“There’s evidence mounting that elephants are a key species that benefit not just their ecosystem, but all ecosystems,” Fabio Berzaghi, an ecologist in France said. “Climate change is a complex issue that will probably require a lot of small solutions, and this might be one of those solutions.”

IMHO this seems like such a worthwhile "small solution".... save these forest elephants!