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    • Text messaging/iMessage has mainly replaced that for me, plus it's (usually) to the point and I don't have to be subjected to every single thing someone has to say or wants to post. Instagram has been OK too, however there is something to say about the "fake" feeling of people only posting their best self. It then can lead to you feeling bad about your own life.

    • I have the same love hate relationship. But way closer to the hate. I’ve seen the wrecking ball that it can be and enjoyed the posts from so many people. A guy called me yesterday and saw a post where I posted up the sign from my hometown as I passed it. He gave me guff for not stopping in as I passed by. It was very nice to catch up with an old friend. I know I need to use it for business and I absolutely loathe that part mainly because I don’t know how to best use it.

      I rate it a net negative, I truly hope you and all the folks that work so hard on Cake realize your dream. It’s nice to be at a friendly safe place.