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    • I can agree with some of Lanier's arguments. However, #7 "Social Media is making you unhappy" rings false. I suppose you can let social media make you unhappy, but that is your choice, no?

      I never did Facebook for the simple reason that it didn't appeal to me. I tried Linked-In for a short while when it was new. When I started getting requests to link with people only because we happened to work for the same company -- at different points in time -- I gave up and cancelled my account. I find Twitter useful for following some media outlets. It lets me know when something is happening. I can click on links if I want to know more. However, I have never used it on my phone. I'd probably be interested in Instagram, but fully admit that the fact it is owned by Facebook turns me off.

      Of course I can get away with ignoring social media as a means of staying in touch because I'm an old retired guy. Plus, I've been called anti-social for good reason ;) I imagine it is much harder for those currently at school/work.

    • I, too, joined fb when my kids were all about it. They moved on (mostly to IG) years ago and I find I’m just sort of wandering away from social media. I was an early adopter of Twitter and then it went sour, LinkedIn lost me when they started the whole endorsement baloney, Snapchat just seemed like a total fad... I’m pretty much just burned out on it all.

      My eldest grandkid is just now starting to get into FaceTime, so that’s probably going to be the next way we stay connected. No ads, no memes, no friend requests—-just straight up heart-to-heart livestream communication. :)