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    • Good for you!

      I haven’t deactivated my account, but the app no longer exists on my phone, which effectively brought my usage to zero.

      The tipping point for me was when I realized I was opening the app only to scroll past a bunch of viral videos, memes, shameless “I’m on vacation” check-ins, and political posts, just to find the latest Daily Show clip. Turns out YouTube is way better to find those clips. 😄

      I don’t miss it one bit. Kinda like how I don’t miss watching the news after I cut cable nearly 7 years ago.

    • Deactivated mine like 2 years ago and completely deleted it few months ago. I still have to keep my second "fake" account around to manage client pages though. Definitely is nice to spend time elsewhere that is more productive, fun, and/or satisfying.