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    • I can agree with some of Lanier's arguments. However, #7 "Social Media is making you unhappy" rings false. I suppose you can let social media make you unhappy, but that is your choice, no?

      I never did Facebook for the simple reason that it didn't appeal to me. I tried Linked-In for a short while when it was new. When I started getting requests to link with people only because we happened to work for the same company -- at different points in time -- I gave up and cancelled my account. I find Twitter useful for following some media outlets. It lets me know when something is happening. I can click on links if I want to know more. However, I have never used it on my phone. I'd probably be interested in Instagram, but fully admit that the fact it is owned by Facebook turns me off.

      Of course I can get away with ignoring social media as a means of staying in touch because I'm an old retired guy. Plus, I've been called anti-social for good reason ;) I imagine it is much harder for those currently at school/work.