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    • I find Elon completely fascinating and I love all four (five?) of the companies he runs now. The thing is, he sold his first one for $400 million and could have bought an island in the Bahamas and laid on the beach for the rest of his life. But he poured most of his savings into a second one and got fired.

      And yet, here we are with a new Elon, featuring hair now! This interview is only 3:29.

    • Also, for people wondering what happened to his million-dollar car, Elon did a great job of describing how he wrecked it. It was uninsured.

    • To me he seems like the person who is continuously redefined by the term "ambition", he'll probably never be content, or settle.

    • "Back in '95, there weren't very many people on the internet. And certainly nobody was making any money at all. Everybody thought the internet was going to be a fad." - Elon Musk in this interview