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    • This comment for the NYT opinion was haunting:

      PPMD Times Pick

      Bret, As the mother of an extreme athlete, a rock climber who I know would have agreed that, either you get it right or you're going to die, I can't watch the film.

      All those years ago when my young son, Dean Potter was at the top of his climbing career, I could agree with Honnold's mom, "How can you even think of taking that away from somebody?" Today, 3 years, 5 months and 10 days since Dean fell to his death B.A.S.E. jumping off of El Cap, I feel like you, Bret, it's not supposed to be that way, a parent shouldn't have to bury their child.

      Dean admired Alex and would have cheered him on. I send him every blessing I can think of.

    • While it's an impressive physical accomplishment to solo these type of climbs, it's not some kind of miracle. Not having to mess with pro or wait for a partner certainly speeds things up and reduces the physical cost or expenditure of the climb. I won't likely watch the show because it promotes these people taking undue risks beyond what they might do just for themselves. If they want to do it alone just because then I'm okay with it

      100% agree. I feel it's reckless. More and more experienced climbers are getting hurt or killed running out easy terrain every year according to the Accidents in North American Climbing. I can't help but wonder if Alex Honnold being the poster child of the climbing is perpetuating the poor choices being made that lead to these accidents.