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    • Welcome to Cake, Hannah! 🧗‍♀️

      I've done some climbing but nothing hardcore. I have a few very hardcore climber friends like @MarniWolf and @PaulMRobertson .

      The reason I went, besides climbing being awesome and I love Jimmy Chin's filmmaking, is I heard the claim that it was the greatest athletic achievement in history. Hmmm, really?

      I loved the film and could see why it was supposed to play in independent theaters but ended up breaking into mainstream theaters. What I loved is it addressed the question of what it takes to do something that extraordinary. I don't know what drove him, but he was willing to give up every last thing—his relationship with his girlfriend, his mom, his best friends, his life... Even his girlfriend kept trying to understand why he wanted this so badly, but she never could.

      After watching it, even I can't think of another athletic achievement I'd rank above this.