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    • Chris

      Now they're water-resistant, faster to transfer, they take photos and 30-second videos in higher res, they're slimmer and $150. Who's buying?

    • Vilen

      I’m still not sold on the idea of being tied to a specific platform (Snap) to get them to work as intended.

      I have to admit that I’ve never tried them, but have watched plenty of reviews on YouTube. After many contemplations on how they would enhance my life and imagining specific scenarios where they would be indispensable, I came away with nothing. In every scenario, taking out and phone and snapping a photo that can be immediately enhanced and shared was just simpler.

      I can’t speak for the “coolness” factor it supposed to give you. What is important for me is to get a good shot and for that the phone will take “cooler” photos 😉

      Would love to hear from someone who has a pair or have at least tried them

      There is a worthy video review of them from Verge

    • Chris

      I have two pairs of video/photo glasses and I have a love-hate relationship with them.

      Love because the idea of glasses on your head is so incredibly great sometimes. I have priceless footage I couldn’t get any other way—on a roller coaster, on a mountain bike, at a surprise birthday party. It frees your hands, you don’t need mounts, you get real POV, your head is pretty steady, and you can go stealth.

      The bad is for the life of me I can’t understand why someone like GoPro doesn’t make a good pair The camera in them just isn’t very good.

    • Richard

      The bad is for the life of me I can’t understand why someone like GoPro
      doesn’t make a good pair The camera in them just isn’t very good.

      Yep. I do street photography as a hobby and the biggest challenge is to make myself inconspicuous, if not invisible. I would gladly give up my DSLR for a pair of glasses but only if the image quality is comparable. When that happens, sign me up.

    • ivar

      I think the lack of quality for me outweighs the ability to capture things that I otherwise would not have. In almost all situations I can take out a camera or phone and have better shots. Also, I wear prescription glasses, not sure if that can be done?

    • Chris

      Yeah, it's crazy, but you can get all kinds of lenses, prescription, day & night, etc.

      I don't know for electronics and how hard image stabilization is, yada, but if I could get glasses that could do decent 1920x1080 video with some image stabilization, like smartphones 3 years ago, I'd be so in.

    • cvdavis

      I think the value in these could be to continually take video but to only save the last minute or so of the footage much like accident cams work. It's always after the fact that you wished you'd had your phone handy. This way you just hit the button and presto - photo of the past. That's an idea I could buy into.

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