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    • Imagine that for the next year, you didn't have to work. At all, not even four hours a week. If your time was yours, what would you do? Go on a round the world trip? Learn more languages? Go on a retreat?

    • I'd read and study more. Ever since I finished university I've missed having weeks on end to study whatever I wanted. I'd continue riding my bicycles and dirt bikes but more so. I'd travel more than I do now. I'd sit around doing more of nothing and I'd probably watch more youtube videos. I'd likely waste far too much time following Trump's doings.

    • What a great question.

      My first thought:

      I'd like to spend time creating beauty. I have some experience with music but I've never played the cello or violin. I find their sound enchanting and would love to learn to play. Maybe I'd spend time painting, learning to speaking a beautiful language (Italian?), and/or playing with landscape design so I could create a beautiful space. I'm not sure I have enough talent to actually come away having created something anyone else would consider beautiful, but I've found the act of creating good for my own soul.

      My second thought:

      There's nothing to stop me from doing the above in the pockets of time I have right now. The possibilities of a totally open year merit a more radical departure from my normal days. So, instead I think I'd like to travel "like a local" and linger in different places long enough to get a feel for how other people really live. I'd love to end the year with lots of memories of far off places but also with greater empathy and desire to help people from different walks of life.

    • - I would definitely spend more time reading, but would also like to audit some Econ classes at Willamette University (brush up on my degree).

      I’ve picked up the guitar from time to time, and have a couple of really nice ones. I’d really like to actually move beyond basic chords and really learn how to play.

      With all our kids grown, and all at least 1000 miles away, I’d like to see more of them

      There’s more - but those are the first things that come to mind.

    • SO awesome to see all these different responses:) I would love to just travel, for a while, without documenting anything at all. Just ride, see things, talk to people, and let all that to simply sink in. No photos, no articles.

    • That’s interesting. I usually view writing and picture taking as conducive to letting things sink in but I suppose those are more about actively sinking things in.

      I often feel as though I don’t process experiences as well or understand them without those steps. But that may because I am typically always “doing.” If I spent more time making space for thoughts... just riding, for example, experiences would probably sink in plenty well all on their own.

    • I would also love to learn more languages; I don't remember who said it, but the idea was that with every new language, you gain a new worldview and it's certainly been true so far.