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    • Looking at my Twitter feed this morning shows nothing “exciting” about how they are getting “their” content.

    • Please share what you think of it after trying it out! I run into the same problems with Pandora: I love having one less app to deal with for podcasts but there’s no way to off that I’m done with an episode, especially if I don’t listen to the last two minutes of promotional nonsense. And the organization is also frustrating.

    • Using Overcast for years now I definitely wanted to see if anything better had come along. I tried the Spotify route and now seeing Luminary's paid content confirms that as of right now there isn't really anything to justify paying for a podcast service. The appeal of podcasts was always the content and only to a smaller degree the production quality. There are lots of higher budget podcasts (NPR's wide gamut comes to mind) that I don't really listen to even though they are very well produced, they just don't have the content I'm looking for.

      Luminary seems to be betting on the fact that they will be able to up the production value of podcasts and by extension make them something worth listening to which I don't see the point of. There is a such a wide breadth of content and topics to cover that even if they were able to do it behind a paid subscription there would undoubtedly be someone who would be able to do it independently just as well.

      I don't think it will be the spectacular hit they imagine and I hope it stays in it's own paywalled corner of the internet without disrupting the good ecosystem we currently have.

    • I wish them luck since revenue for podcasts can be hard to come by and their creators deserve it but it's a huge hurdle to get me to sign up for it. There's already so much out there that I miss tons of episodes of the podcasts that I subscribe to.

      On top of that there's subscription fatigue. 7.99/month by itself isn't much of an ask until you realize that you have 5+ of those payments and it adds up quickly. And this is something I'm hearing about from my friends and that's before this, Disney's, and all of apple's are in the mix.