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    • Looks like the aftermath of a chemical warfare attack by an enemy state or international terriorist organization. Instead it's just the aftermath of an attack on democracy led by an international terrorist who happens to be the head of state.

    • It goes to show that USA is still a place where things 'happen', though not necessarily the kind that a majority would call 'good'. There's a certain numbness that has developed over years here, and perhaps now is the time to wake up.

    • You forget that he's backed by some seventy something million voters, and good chunk of politicians still in power. Until recently the majoritar party was totally all supportive. Figure that out bout human race, but don't anyone lecture me that they live in Australia. I have a very sour taste about humans, the part that does the alpha thing, yet the percent that are actually decent make up for it.

    • I'm well aware that 70+ million voted for him and he is supported (feared?) by the majority of a major political party. But that doesn't change the fact that he has been Impeached twice: Once for international terrorism and once for domestic terrorism. That is truly extraordinary.

      It is being reported this morning that there are more armed American troops deployed in Washington D.C. than in Afganistan, Iraq and Syria combined. They are there to ensure the "peaceful transfer of power" next week. I trust that a majority, however small, of our fellow citizens join me in praying that their mission will be successful.

    • If you are a Christian, you need to be aware that the Bible condemns those who spread hearsay and those who say bad things about others and those who bear false witness.

      You do not have personal knowledge of your OPINION that a cup occurred, therefore you are spreading hearsay. You do not have personal knowledge of how Biden will function as a president therefore your assertion that he is a dictator is a violation of Titus 3:2 and other such passages.

      Of course if you are not a Christian then it is not surprising that you would post such a comment.

    • Jesus said we judge by thier fruits. He also said the truth will set you free. Any one with half a mind can look at the facts of the cheating and the media cuting off the truth and see it is a coup (not a cup) this is the way they are conducted so before you judge me read the rest of your bible. I consider myself a follower of Jesus and i have a relationship with him daily. I am sorry that you are believing the false prophets that are now showing themselves. Any one who supports killing babies, who sniff all little children and take God out of the house of representatives, If you remember the Democrats took God out of thier party. Wake up to the truth before you are lost.

    • You are making assumptions about my beliefs that are false.

      The almighty God did not force Nero to change although God had the power to destroy the Roman Empire.

      He also did not authorize the first century Christians to use force or government to deal with the wickedness which was not only allowed by Rome but even in some matters promoted by the civil authorities.

      I am fully aware that many of the things which are the official policies of both the Democrats and the Republicans are wickedness in the sight of God. But God commanded Christians to be in submission to wicked rulers in all matters except disobedience of God.

      You are talking like Hymenæus and Alexander. Instead of being riled up by outrage you should pray for the repentance and the salvation of those whom you are currently maligning.

      Do not render unto Cæsar the things which are God's.

    • I see that you are a submissive person if David had been he would not be in the bible as the slayer of Golath.

      I believe God made all of us in his image but different . I do not believe you are in a posititon to tell me what i should be or say. You do not have to like it or even listen to it. Jesus used a whip to drive the money changers from his fathers house. You use one verse in the bible to cover all people who do not conform to your belief. Please do not waste your time advising me you are wasting your time and being a show off IMHO. I pray to God multiple times a day and spend time listening for his answer, I have a daily relationship with my lord and savior. I do not put my salvation in the hand of any person it is too important. I am only concerned with what my Lord and Savior knows and says, I do not conform to your beliefs you should take your beliefs somwhere else where there are people with like minds for i am not. Don't get me wrong I listen to some for thier opinions such as pastor Greg Locke I belive in being as bold as a lion but humble. It is evident we believe differantly. Thank you for you time and opinion but no thanks,

    • "When I say unto the wicked, O wicked man, thou shalt surely die; if thou dost not speak to warn the wicked from his way, that wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand. Nevertheless, if thou warn the wicked of his way to turn from it; if he do not turn from his way, he shall die in his iniquity; but thou hast delivered thy soul."

      I have done what the Lord requires of me.

    • Besides hijacking the conversation, this thread shows one of the biggest issues with religon, If even 2 christians can't agree on what their sky friend said or meant how are they and other religons get on?

    • There is no problem, if you except Christ as your savior and study Gods word He will help you to know the truth. There were Teachers of religion in Jesus's time that were threatened by Him and they eventually put Him to death. God tell us not to judge others but you can know them by the fruits they bring forth. This gentleman has judged and sentenced me off of one verse that he knows, which exscuses him to do nothing and except the evil of our new dictators. He does not look at the fact that Jesus told his deciples right before being arrested, the time had come to sell thier cloaks and buy a sword, if in fact they did not have a one. If you learn what the word of God says then you can defend your position as Jesus did when tempted by the devil. Just recite verses of the Bible, Gods word is trueth and they never change. I will leave you with one thought except Christ as your Savior and get to know his word and him before you discount what you call religion, Because God is Real, Jesus is the only one, period, who will ever love you enough to die for you, for he has. Eternity is a long time, and the demons in the bible show you not even they want to go to hell. When the demons inhabited the man at the edge of the city and jesus came upon him they asked what he wanted with them. And asked him not to send them to hell for it was not thier time. They asked him to cast them into a heard of pigs instead which he did. Every thing I see points to this being as it was in the time of Noah. Meaning we are in the end times. Our time grows short.